A Guided Journey -

Protect and Grow Your Business Online


An 8-Week Guided Online Journey


Being online is a part of you and your incredible gifts. 

Celebrate all of you and enjoy serving online to become freer than ever before.


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Get Clarity

Clear your energetic blocks to your online presence.

Remove the emotional barriers to technology. 

Get playfully curious about different media effectively for maximum impact. 

Be Confident

 Be grounded with your online offerings. 

Enjoy the flow of creating to share via online media. 

Radiate your confidence in managing technology in front of clients.

Value Your Fullest Expression

Use the legal examples to clarify your online offering. 

Know your self worth and value in what you create. 

Discover the freedom to be fully you in a new way. 

Do you feel the challenges in growing your business or stepping out online?

Perhaps you still prefer in-person but need to be lockdown-proof? 

Whether it is clearing up your online business and where it is stuck, or taking your new certification online with teetering fingertips - you will be sharing your online business presence to start 2022. Because it is being called by the Universal Mind. 

Being online is a part of you and your incredible gifts. 

It is the fullest expression of who you are. 

Celebrate all of you and enjoy serving online to become freer than ever before!

Get your foundations sorted so you can expand knowing where you come from. 

In this 8 week guided journey we will keep it simple, fun and get you flying online!

I'm In!

Intuitive Guidance Group Calls with Nid

Nid brings her karma clearing skills to support you. Akin to her private consults and so much more!

  • An intimate group we will meet bi-weekly around the course content yet flexible to support the group and what karma is coming up to be cleared.
  • This is a guide and will change to suit the group. Recordings for those unable to attend due to time zones will be included.

Protect and Grow your Business Online course 

Nid bridges the wellbeing world with her unique media-tech commercial legal experience to inform clear decisions. 

  • The Protect and Grow your business online course content to follow or go your own flow. 
  • 18 videos around online options, marketing, privacy, content rights, managing clients and more. 
  •  10 Business and legal document examples worth 

Online Community and Group Support

Your unique contributions and value in community.

  • Online community to connect with your colleagues and share support. 
  • Off social media so you can focus on your work and where you are moving towards.
  • ‘Office hours’ for brief emails or questions to Nid via the community are 30 mins per day Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week. 


Live group call with Natalie Bell, Marketing Expert 

Live group call with Julia Fotoudis, Spiritual Branding Expert

Recording from the Spirit Law Online Course Beta Q&A call 

What are the challenges online that differ from in-person?


This course will take you through the areas we get stuck around technology, content and value to release them. 

You will embody researched tactics for delivery methods that reduce anxiety when working online.

You will feel confident online to stay safe for you and your clients. 

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By the end of this course you will know:

  • How to choose the best online models for your business goals
  • Reduce anxiety levels for you and your clients
  • Get Permission to record clients in lessons and protect their personal information online
  • Value your worth and how to use it to maximal impact
  • Online marketing tips that give you what the soul seeks - connection!

You receive examples to use in your business worth $255:

  • Privacy Policy pack 
  • Website terms of use
  • Cookie Policy
  • Client terms of service 
  • Disclaimers and waivers 
  • Permissions for filming 
  • Licensing mastersheet
  • Business online checklist 

What is this all worth? 

Your expression of your life is priceless! My creation here is priceless!

But seriously, I have to give it currency for our exchange and your commitment. 

Group Calls $610

Online Course $415

Community and Support $35

BONUS Content $300

Total value is $1,360



Limited to 5 Spots!

  • Whatever your life circumstances, you need financial assistance at this time. This is for you!
  • Financial hardship is not a reason to avoid showing up, but you need to spend something to commit yourself.
  • Only use this if you need it. For example - some of the bills are close to unpaid each month.



Limited to 10 Spots!

  • You were impacted by the pandemic but have the financial stability to enjoy meals out.  
  • You can invest in your growth because you know it will inspire you to action!
  • Only use this if you must balance finances with care. For example - you bought new Lululemon leggings this year then you can pay for this.



All other spots

  • Life has treated your finances well and you feel abundant. 
  • You are motivated by spending money on where you want to see growth in your life. 
  • What if the other spots are gone and you really haven't got the Midas touch? Join the 18 October webinar to get a special discount!

Hi, I’m Nid


You inspire me to share my unique gifts - a business consultant specialised in technology and media for creatives and wellnessprenuers, and I am a karma guide. I aid my clients to clear blocks from being their fullest expression. For you, that is via your business.

My niche is to take you online with balanced foundations to grow sustainably.

My approach is from the soul:

Simple: I explain the risks in your activity from an ethical and legal viewpoint. We return to values.

Pragmatic: I place these into the context and reality of how you work. We return to intention. 

Holistic: I provide options that reflect the wellbeing professional's intention - a higher vibration for all. We are creators.

Your Business

You are a conscientious, compassionate and wonderful wellness professional - whether a Speech Therapist, Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor or Mindfulness Coach. 

You care to offer a safe space for your clients. 

You're passionate to share your unique service with others. 

You follow your path and intuitive wisdom to make decisions and grow your business.

This is not for you if:

You're not willing to get your head and heart around your barriers. 

You don’t want to walk your own path.

You want a one-size-fits all solution. 

This is for me!

Cora Geroux

"Nid has helped me understand the 'legal basics' I need to implement in my business. Such a gift to speak to someone who made understanding my business from a legal perspective so simple."


"The Spirit Law courses provide wellnesspreneurs with a broad understanding of the foundations for running your business.

Even with so much content to learn, the video lessons are accessible and immediately actionable when accompanied with the workable templates.

The foundations and online live class courses will help wellnesspreneurs run their businesses confidently and professionally."

Feeling secure and steady is the foundation for any sustainable growth. 

Be sovereign in this world and claim your throne online. 

Don't delay your radiance being shared any longer. 

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Still not sure? 

If you want to get to know me a bit better? Join the webinar on 18 Oct to meet Nid & Natalie (marketing expert) to get a taster for one of our biggest concerns - safety online!

Safety is key in the wellbeing profession - both of your client and your own. It is what reputation is built upon and can destroy a business swiftly if not managed properly.

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Free Webinar - Keep You and Your Clients Safe

Monday, October 18, 2021 5:00 PM AEDT

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