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Nid's Nidra Embody Life Community

 Receive support in a safe space.
 Feel connected and inspired by others like you.
 Be your honest and authentic self in a judgment-free environment.

What you'll get:

  • A supportive community of wanders with big-hearts
  • Nid's Lives - a FREE weekly 20-minute session
  • Weekly prompts and reminders to embody your life more
  • Away from social media so you can focus on YOU!

Community Care Rules

💥 Be kind. Be compassionate. Read and write with eyes of love on each other. 
💥 Be uplifting. Be encouraging. Share gratitude or appreciation generously. 
💥 Respect opinions and viewpoints that are different from your own. Diversity is a key part of a child-like curious mind.
💥 Trusting Space. Do not share or talk about people in this community with that outside. Respect their privacy and what is shared in this space, keep the energy of a Sacred Space. 
💥 Everyone is perfect as they are. Speak from your experience only.
💥 If you are triggered to argue or defend something, please welcome humility and stop, only share how you need support for further self-growth in this area. 
💥 Only share your own words, photos or images. This is about YOUR path and not someone else's. However, if you are inspired by something you may share this provided that you have permission to do so. 
💥 NO PROMOS - This is a place for support, not for selling. 
To clarify what "promo" means - any external links: freebies, surveys, content or live streams shared from your page etc, and any calls to action such as "contact me" etc. No external links should be shared (unless prompted).
We are a Soul Tribe woven through space and time to support each of you to become your most wonderful you. Authentically share and connect to hold each other across the world in the invisible light web of love. That's how we'll change the world... Together 🥰
Much Love ❤️ 
Nid 😘💕


No medical, therapeutic, or health advice is offered in any way in this online community.  You must always seek professional advice for your condition and needs. 

If your behaviour is in any way inappropriate, mean, harassing, spamming or hateful you will be immediately removed from the platform and banned from re-joining.