$275.00 AUD

Aligned Being Day Retreat, Sydney

Can you drop into Being at your will?

"You change the world by being yourself" - Yoko Ono

The day is focused on you BEing, join us for:

  • Movement to empty the mind
  • Breath to clear the emotions
  • Forest to ground and centre
  • Meditation to connect to Oneness
  • Nourishing lunch in serene surroundings
  • Farewell Cacao to close out the day

All activities are optional to allow you the space to Be alone when you choose.

You will receive tools and ways to access your state of Being at your conscious will. I have led retreats worldwide both creating my own and delivering for centres and other teachers. My approach is gentle, kind and playful.

Benefits include:

  • Greater clarity as to what aligns for you personally
  • Easier flow of life
  • Stability and safety to experience all emotions
  • Connect with a heart-centred community of kind, nurturing and light-filled people
  • Improved confidence in your choice of practice
  • Feel lighter than when you came in and have the ability to find that again, on your own
  • A greater feeling of unconditional love and gratitude flowing through your life.