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Why You Should Care About Your Soul?

embody Sep 14, 2022

Glitter and Gold” by Rebecca Ferguson is a song about losing your soul to the glitter and gold in the world. I joked about soul loss for many years, but it is a real issue in our modern world. It is a real experience that many have in this modern world. We can lose our souls in more ways than just money and fancy objects.


What Is Soul Loss?

To lose your soul is to give a part of who you are away. Your soul determines your Divine gifts and purpose in life. Your soul guides your choices as to what best aligns with living purposefully in joy. Soul loss does not mean that you notice you are suffering. It creates karma that does not align with who you truly are and fulfilling your true potential. 


For many years as a lawyer, I joked that I had sold my soul. That I did not care because I enjoyed my career and the intellectual satisfaction it gave me. Yet, I had no specific career goals with all this drive for cognitive pursuit. I was resigned to a purposeless life that was a mere existence of workaholism, and I believed that this was fully acceptable. It is how so many people I knew lived.   


Impact of Soul Loss

It is like having a compass that is off due North. You become confused, make poor choices for your happiness, and might bounce between highs and lows of experience. Decisions are challenging because you cannot know what is fully aligned with your best interests. You find yourself never quite complete in all your choices.


A likely impact is mental health issues. Metaphysically mental health issues are a lack of connection to the Divine. Loss of your soul will increase your likelihood to connect to your Divinity and you are more likely to struggle with mental health challenges.

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My ‘happiness’ came from manic highs of a stressful and complex commercial-legal problem to solve.

Hiding my depression and perceived pointless of life, I wasn’t even interested in my impact on the world or having a purpose. There is no peace behind my choices when I sought fulfillment I would shop. I had many possessions and hours of work, but nothing substantive to show for my existence.


How to Lose Your Soul

In the modern world, the soul is taken lightly against the materialistic living. You may choose to do a job that is against your values because it provides the desires you wish to fulfill in life. You could choose to be with a partner with who you lose yourself in like a romantic novel. Whatever your choice, it is the repetition of that choice to act in your life against your soul’s values that will eventually result in a loss of part of your soul.


I chose both career and love. My career was my identity. I loved my work. Yet, I married at 25 years old and completely gave myself to my husband. I did all I could to make our marriage work until faced with it affecting my career – then the choice was clear: career. For 5 years I repeated the choices of a struggling marriage and shallow career choice.


Another route to soul loss is a traumatic event in that you perceive your role was in some way powerless and you had to give up a part of yourself to survive. However, traumatic events can also help you discover that you have already suffered soul loss.


Getting Your Soul Back

Hopefully, it will not take you an unfortunate event to discover soul loss. A friend told me that he always viewed our illnesses as the life lesson for your soul. This can be a hard concept to swallow, but sometimes your soul has to restrict you to keep you aligned.


You can meditate and take positive steps to regain your soul loss. You might change your life completely to restore yourself and heal the soul loss. It will be a slow process of uncovering what is your full north, but slowly with patience and perseverance, it comes back on track.


After my accident, I slowly realised that I really had lost my soul. To both my career and my ex-husband – I had lost a deep sense of myself to other’s values for shallow gains in my life. Through healing myself I began to heal others. With a great deal of karma yoga (selfless service), self-study and dedicated practice I understood I had to change my life. To discover my own true north for my life.


Through Soul Realignment I got clear on the difference between those choices that healed me and those that are for my life’s purpose.


Fast Track with Soul Realignment

As part of the soul realignment practice, it is possible to confirm if someone has suffered soul loss in their Akashic Record. Through simple practices, this can be restored alongside active life changes in your choices. It can provide clarity on your purpose, improve self-confidence and start to narrow your choices for life decisions. If you are wondering about giving your life more meaning, perhaps Soul Realignment is for you? 


Original Publish Date: Omega Movement 2017


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Nids Nidra acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respect to them and their cultures; and to Custodians past, present and emerging.


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