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Why business value is not transactional

consulting Feb 13, 2023

Your value is limitless. Discover why your paycheck or price point has nothing to do with your value, and where your value really should be placed. 




Our culture connects time to pay or paychecks to the value of your role in a business by what it financially costs the business. This is a transactional viewpoint based upon the Common Law concept of 'consideration' in contractual exchange. When you focus on metrics, the instant gratification of quantifiable numbers you lose sight of the larger picture.

Your business value is the larger picture of you, and your life is not a series of mini-contracts and neither is your value. This is your price point, but also all your free content and time invested in your business - and then all that you do when not in your business! Your connection is beyond priceless! 

Your price point is to look after your human experience and lifestyle. What you're here to manifest for you is not what you are sold by advertisers. Your inner spiritual work will guide you as to whether 'money' is a true focus for your life or not. Just remember not to let those fears and limiting beliefs stop you from claiming YOU!

Complete the 'Business Value' worksheet in the Spiritual Business Portal with a supporting video. This month, you can review the Rate Setting with Budget alongside this video to ensure your value is the entire of your business and not just in a transaction - because you are worth more than the universe!




Here are some examples of being less transactional, connecting to a patient way to build your business and really sharing your true value with the world. 


1. My Business Coaching lesson

I loved on-demand content to support my health as I recovered from my brain injury, it also really aligns with my Soul's Blueprint. 

Coaches and consultants suggested that I shift my business to more lives to grow it and serve where was popular. For me, this was not aligned with my soul and my business grew to an extent, but then my health reminded me that this approach was limited for ME! I lost creativity and passion due to these health issues.

What is my joy? What is my way of connecting with others that I love? Instantly, I see a shift in my business. I am not pushing upstream against my soul now, so I can receive abundantly. It helps me to know the options so I can choose what resonates. 


2. Pilates Teacher on Social

She really feared getting on social media. So, we made it fun and played with how she could enjoy being on social media.

We tested what felt good, and she discovered her voice online. With her fun energy, she expanded online and then could reach beyond her 'niche' and help more people. 


3. Multidimensional Healer

Overwhelmed with how to identify herself to the public in her marketing, she became stuck in the systems of her business. Her fears of learning at school, and masculine energy being a barrier to her expressing herself fully stopped her from being public. 

It was important to stage her process so that she felt safe and stable as she grew her business. We explored support for her that provided 'how to' guides for the systems with that masculine teaching, in her own time and steps. She loved this support and flourished, being able to share all her amazing wisdom with ease with a wider audience. 

It is so exciting to see these businesses being able to expand themselves beyond a niche because they have been honest with who they are, looked beyond the transactional value, and been patient to clear their energetics so that their value is bigger than one client at a time. 



We have unique souls that are here to express something specific. Our karma from all our lives is being cleared at this time, and spiritual business is one of the fullest expressions of your soul.

Soul Aligned Business is unique because it addresses beyond the stories of this lifetime for your fullest expression. The planet needs your soul to shine bright, so let's see if your soul is ready for this energetic action approach. 





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Nids Nidra acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respect to them and their cultures; and to Custodians past, present and emerging.


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