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Wholistic Branding for Spiritual Businesses - Your first 4 Steps

consulting Jul 10, 2023

We are all influenced by branding, it is how we can quickly form a decision about whether we like something or not. Your spiritual business brand conveys to your potential clients many important messages about what you share and how it will make someone feel to engage in your services. But you are a unique individual who cannot be captured in 'one brand messaging' - true! Discover how you can create a brand that gives you permission to shine all the gifts that you have to offer.



Your Core Wound is Your Message

This is the key lesson that you repeat throughout your life. It can be called "the mess is your message". This is because it is where you are gaining the most knowledge, wisdom and experience to share with others. The best way that we learn is to teach, and even if you are not a 'teacher' it will be a deepening of your gifts through sharing with others. 

This informs you of a core sense of what you are communicating to others. It may have colours, keywords and hashtags for you to focus your brand and call out to your tribe. This core message moves through all sub-brands of your business. 

For example, my business's core message is to heal with greater unconditional love. 



Symbols in Your Brand

Symbols and colour are subconscious messages that communicate with your audience. They are very powerful and you want to choose them with full conscious awareness and education. Be aware of the meaning of symbols, and learn about colour theory for how these will connect with your people. 

  • Create a portfolio of images, words, colours and styles that you like. 
  • What is the common theme? 
  • How does it make you feel on different days? 
  • Get other people's opinions and feedback for developing your ideas. 
  • Be aware of aversion to colours and symbols that may be limiting your audience's reach. 


For example, I use different symbols for the main brand and sub-brands of my business to convey the different messages between each of them. 




Who are Your People?

If you do not know who your audience is, or you think that they are different groups, then here are some places to begin to find the core connection of them all for the central branding of your business. Once you have their common energy, you can work with the sub-brands and their different messaging.

  1. The emotions or lifestyle habits of the colours, symbols and imagery that you are drawn to. 
  2. The language used in your keywords and by your potential audience. 
  3. Map your own journey with the messages that you could receive at those points of your path. What would you have heard from?
  4. Are they geographically specific? Are they in your lifestyle category e.g. a mum? Or is it a bigger energetic quality that they are sharing? What inspired and lifted you up during your path? 


For example, here are my symbols for the activities in the Embody sub-brand: 



Inspirational Partners or Competitor Research

Traditionally called 'competitor research' this old shadow vibrational language does not reflect the energy that you want to bring into your business - one that expands and serves!

Look at those in your same field or service category to see the language that they use, the colours or symbols. What are they doing? How do they do it? What is a commonality between them? 

Tune into how this makes you feel, what reaction does it provoke in you? You can also look at the teachers and healers that you have worked with - why did you resonate with their branding? What would be your way of sharing similar messaging? 

Be wary of sarcasm and double-entendre use in your business as it lowers the vibrational energy of your offering, will deter your prospective clients, and highlights a need to improve your self-worth.



Do not rush your branding 

Your brand is NOT the first thing to do with your spiritual business. The first step is to serve. This is how you discover what you do, how you do it and who you align with. This will give you the foundation to create your branding as you unfold. 

Nature moves slowly. Be patient and take your time. Explore and do cheap trials of branding to explore client attraction and what resonates for you. 

Do your own self-work on where the branding feels uncomfortable. Be playful and curious, maybe do some work with a colour or art therapist to move you through any stuck areas. 

Trademarks are about the reputation of quality being built over time and this is what creates distinctiveness As many of you will not register your trademarks, your brand's reputation will be built over time and this means that you can relax about getting your branding done.



If you want to align your business to your powerful energy in this lifetime, then connect with me to discover if the Soul Aligned Program is for you. You will discover what energetic actions are for you to focus on at this time, how you can do these with ease and joy, and give permission to unfold into your dream spiritual business. 



A part of your branding may include the legal intellectual property rights of copyright and trademarks. If you want to learn more about these areas then please check out the additional YouTube video here




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Nids Nidra acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respect to them and their cultures; and to Custodians past, present and emerging.


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