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Purity Body Release

embody movement Mar 24, 2022

A simple tool that is designed to empower you in one session.

Discover how Nid created this healing movement technique. The ways that can support your body, emotions and mind. Welcome and rebuild your body’s wisdom to move through life with an easeful and gracious quality. Purity Body Release™ is a simple tool that is designed to empower you in one session.



What is Purity Body Release™?

This gentle technique was developed by me, Nid, to release hidden emotional tension in the body’s tissues. You are in complete control of your experience and how deep you want to go. As you are guided through the process it creates a meditative movement experience. This deepens your intuition to listen to your body's guidance to move with ease and comfort. 

Purity Body Release™ blends somatic movement experiencing, vagus nerve innervation and fascia release to open emotional and physical space in the body. Using the Pilates mini-stability ball, you are taken on a journey of exploration around the core of the body. This effect is akin to a massage on yourself whilst moving the body with the breath. As the body learns to find a new spaciousness, it can release contracting patterns that can cause discomfort in the body. There are no shapes, no poses and no levels in this - just the body and its experience of sensation as it moves around a soft ball. 

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Movement and choice can become light, buoyant and fluid.

The relaxation response in the body is responsible for releasing toxins, emotions and the need for deep rest or release stored up energy. During the session, the body is being purified to release movement to return to a refreshed state. From here it is possible to retrain the body tension-free and subtly change the mind’s responses to life choices. Movement and choice can become light, buoyant and fluid. 

Sometimes the responses are instant from a session, like my client Bee who suffers high anxiety who struggles to eat when stressed as her stomach knots up. The stressed vagus nerve tells the stomach to stop digesting so that it can fight, flee or freeze still. After an online group session, she had relaxed enough to exclaim “I’m hungry! I’m going to eat for the first time in three days!”. 

If you are interested in discovering more about the science behind this technique, please read this page.


How did Nid develop Purity Body Release™?

My years of movement teaching from dance, fascia, pilates and yoga gave me an in-depth understanding of the tension holding patterns in the body and how emotions connect to these. Yet it was through the holistic massage technique, Raynor Massage, and the abdominal massage technique, that I saw the full connection and style required to release in an empowered manner for my clients. 

I met many clients with bad backs and imbalanced muscle activation. In physiotherapy clinics, the mind-body disconnection of many City workers did not know the difference between ‘good’ or ‘bad’ muscle contractions. They were scared of their own body’s sensations and whether it was ‘pain’. The nervous system was stuck in a stressed, freeze, flight or fight response, and movement which often resolves this was not a clear answer due to the fear patterns. 

Massage clients came with back and shoulder tension - yes, normal with desk posture, but the tension patterns were often deep in the abdomen or along the vagus nerve tract of the front body. Reliance on massage to soothe the pains was disempowering their belief in their own bodies and that movement could heal them. The physical rigidity was a part of a loop in the body of emotional overwhelm. 

The physical rigidity was a part of a loop in the body of emotional overwhelm.

Often I would stop my clients to come into slow, steady calm breaths and then the emotions would rise up. Tears and shame may be expressed at this sudden outburst. My clients needed more than a massage or core workouts to reset this. They needed a balanced approach within their own control to manage their release of emotions and physical tension in the body whilst rebuilding a pure connection to their intuitive body wisdom. 

Intuition guided me to explore and study the specific aspects of what to teach. I played and worked with my own body to create the safest path around the body’s core and visualisations from my meditation work to support the energetic shifts in the body. It was important that the technique was developed to grant people with a simple technique that they can do in the privacy of their own home. It is deep and there may be a conscious awareness of what the body is releasing. 

Initially, I only shared Purity Body Release on my personally-led retreats, and I was amazed at the impact in the group sessions. There could be large group emotional releases that occurred often rising and falling similar to a Mexican wave. 

What are the benefits?

There are no scientific studies of this method yet, so it is best for me to share client feedback and why they return to it.

Release of Physical Pains in the Body

One client who came on a retreat with an adult lifetime of back problems, which years of yoga and pilates ‘managed’ for her, was holding immense emotional tension in her abdomen. Deep grief for her lost child, guilt from her strong Christian upbringing, anger at society for its poor care to her disabled child and a low self-esteem was bundled in her abdomen. She found that practising the technique released her back pain and with regular gentle self-sessions since the retreat her back pain has not returned in four years. 

Emotional Release

Who knew that a Pilates ball of all things could help you relax, get energized and heal from emotional trauma — all at the same time? In my case, the emotions began surfacing a couple of hours after the session ended, and they have continued on and off into the next day.” ~ M.P.

“I finally slept a full night’s sleep!” ~ A.O.

“I slept for 16 hours and finally felt rested.” ~ K.M. 

 Support improved sleep and relief from insomnia

Balance Digestive Function

Bee’s story above highlights those struggling to eat due to the nervous system stuck in ‘stress’. 

I felt so calm after the session, then a couple of hours later my stomach emptied - a lot! I felt so cleansed and had the desire for really healthy yummy food to nourish me!” ~ Ma T. 

Improved Energy Levels

I had so much energy and really enjoyed my day” ~ Mo  

“I was so clear and energised that I needed less sleep after!” ~ R.F. 

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Nids Nidra acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respect to them and their cultures; and to Custodians past, present and emerging.


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