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Moves to Uplift into Beauty

embody movement Jul 31, 2023

How can you use movements to shift your mood from low vibes and heavy, to a more fresh uplifting energy that moves into seeing the world as beautiful? Follow the video to do it along with me or read below to create your own version.



What is the energy of being low and heavy vibes?

  • Too much thought creates an ungrounded perspective and produces a negative state in the body.
  • The myofascial stores emotions unexpressed and this becomes 'stuck' or 'rigid', and this adds to a physical feeling of heaviness. The myofascial tissue is buoyant when healthy which brings a natural spring in your step. 
  • Connection to sensation in the body and how it feels will bring an ability to accept what is, which allows beauty to be seen in life. 
  • Opening the heart through the shoulders aids a perspective from looking at the world through the heart, which always sees beauty around you. 
  • Moves that have a quality of flow, bounce, and rhythmic pattern will bring freshness into the body.

The below moves are examples of how you can bring this quality into your state through movement with kindness and play.



Moves to bring freshness

(1) Foot Love! 

  • Get into a comfortable position so that you can hold a foot.
  • Place your fingers between your toes and wiggle them! This creates space between the points where we store emotions in our feet - our toes. 
  • Use the fingers between the toes to move the toes forward and back, then into the ankle moving the foot. 
  • Allow the hand position to angle the foot side to side. 
  • Use circles of the ankle to mobilise the entire foot.
  • Do this on both feet. 

This is awesome because we are using both the hands and feet for the movement which is double grounding.


(2) Body Loving Energy Swap

The hands touching the body connect to our sensation of physical touch and increase physical intimacy with our own feelings.

  • get into a comfy standing position
  • inhale and bring your arms wide and up over your head
  • crossing the arms by putting the hands on the shoulders as if giving oneself a hug
  • bring arms down and let hands run down arms, chest and uncross over your belly
  • guiding the hands from belly to hips to lower back
  • then running down the back of the legs to the feet, stay there for a moment
  • then with an inhale run up your hands on the front of your legs, hips, belly, chest and armpits
  • and up into the air again.

Repeat this a couple of times, as often as you like.


(3) Qi Gong - Bow and Arrow

  • Step out into horse stance with the knees over toes that point forward with the knees bent and spine straight, the head is directly over the hips. 
  • Bring your hands into an L shape at the centre of your chest. 
  • Reach the right arm out at shoulder height to the right side, flex the wrist so the fingertips reach to the sky, and look to your index finger. Smile. 
  • Change to the left arm. 
  • Repeat 3-4 times each time.


(4) Side bends with the Elbows

  • If possible, hands catch the opposite elbow over the head. If this does not work for you, then place your hands where you can near your shoulders so that your elbows can lift up. 
  • Lift one elbow to the sky, allow the body to tip to the side and keep the foot heavy on the ground. 
  • Breathe into the upper side ribcage. 
  • Add a rotation down and up with the head and shoulders. Use a rocking rhythm to open the fascia.


(5) Flow to Bounce

  • Take any movement that has an in-and-out quality. 
  • Begin finding a quality of flowing in your body. 
  • As you flow begin to see if a bounce can begin to resonate in the body.


(6) Qi Gong - 7 Heel Shake

  • Stand with parallel feet at normal distance
  • Raise onto the balls of your feet with control and balance.
  • Allow the heels to drop creating a slight judder through the spine as your heels touch the ground. 
  • Do 7 heel drops. 


Do you want more movement tips to shift your mood? Join the Embody Sanctuary for our monthly themed tips, community calls and bonus practices. 



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Nids Nidra acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respect to them and their cultures; and to Custodians past, present and emerging.


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