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Money and Spiritual Business - the relationship of soul growth

consulting Jan 09, 2023

How does the relationship between money and spiritual business, or spiritual teaching work in our modern world? Does it have a place? Should we pay for spiritual lessons? 

As Oprah Winfrey loves to say "We are spiritual beings having a human experience" so that means that everything in life is spiritual. The sharing of spirituality and how that should be a part of the way that we all live and connect in this world.

How can spirituality not touch on every part of your life, including money? 



Is Spiritual Teaching exempt from money?

It can be quite a common perception that spiritual teaching should not be something that we have to pay for, it doesn't fit within the commercial world. And that, on some levels is appropriate because, in our current commercial and capitalist paradigm, greed and very human attributes that are not part of spiritual teaching currently lead part of the way commercialism and business are operated. So, that belief and perception are very accurate, and many of us can tap in and feel that resonance.


How Spiritual Teachings are funded

However, it's really important to acknowledge that all spiritual teachings have always had money attached to them, it's just often that it's done through other means through taxes through the way people donate, often land is given, or even maybe sometimes taken and allocated in history. And that is because spiritual teaching needs to be clothed and cared for.

Spiritual work is very costly, especially when we look at Christian missions and other religious missions that, take themselves out to go and help people in suffering in need, they need funding in order to do this. And so, spirituality is not exempt from money, it's not separate from the flow of money, it is integrated into our economic system, it's just that we don't like to attach the value that we do through commercialism.



The Current Collective Limiting Belief Block

And that's really understandable, because a lot of the way we connect to value currently, is built through the advertising paradigm that we have of selling based on people's emotional needs. Digging into pain points, saying you're in so much suffering that you need this.

And yet our spiritual teachings are saying suffering is an illusion. And you can have everything without needing to be in this desperate, sad place. That's where our conflict really arises between commercialism and spiritual teaching. It's not that spirituality doesn't fit within this paradigm, it's that the paradigm currently is operating off of basic human need fear points, rather than where Spirituality teaches us, which is love, and unconditionally.



How does Spiritual Teaching fit in the New Age we are evolving into?

When we can see that this is where there's a mismatch, there is a place for spiritual businesses, to start to move the other industries and our consumer market. Towards the path of inspiration, the path of choosing to spend money, not from fear, not from pain, not from suffering, but towards what spiritual teachings really offer, which is allowing grace and creation of your life through the responsibility of your own actions, thoughts, and emotional state.

I know that that's what many of my spiritual business clients do. Even my creative business clients who are not spiritual businesses and my clients who have regular jobs are spiritual people operating within those paradigms and trying to bring spirituality as a part of their way, in their business operations.

We want to see that we can shift this current paradigm of pain and greed to one of flourishing and inspiration and whatever those words might be for you. Maybe it's just literally from suffering to joy. Maybe it's just from loneliness to connection and love. Your role in a spiritual business is to embrace how money and your workflow together. What can be a helpful viewpoint for you is to understand the energetics of business, you and money, and how this all works together these three points.



Your Soul as a Spiritual Teacher via your karma

You are a soul, right you are an energetic part of the cosmos. You are structured of your own energetic components that make this a beautiful soul. Your soul has its own expression, its own drawing of what it wants to experience in this lifetime and past karma that needs to be resolved. One of the most unique ways that your soul is going to have the most embodied spiritual experiences is through your expression in everything that you do. That may be as a business or it may be working for a business, but expressing your soul within that structure, because not every soul is meant to be an entrepreneur or creator of businesses.

Recognise that your soul needs to express itself in what you do to live in what you do to share and connect with other people. That is what you're going to resonate and how you do that could be in a daily job, or it could be through your spiritual business. This is one side of your karma that's going to need to be resolved and expressed.



Your Spiritual Business as an energetic entity

The other side is that if you have created a business, or even if you work for someone else this energetic entity, which is the business that is created, an energetic entity does not have a soul, it is created through your fourth-dimensional thought forms.

When you put your business out there, talk to people, show marketing materials, and do the old marketing, communications, and sales, then you're introducing other people's fourth-dimensional thought forms about your business.  We get this whole creation of an energetic entity from lots of people's thought forms mixed with our own.

Now, in order for a fourth dimension, an energetic entity to manifest, the material is going to be money. And this is how it connects, right? Your ideas have created this 4D, and it needs to connect with other people. That's where money is going to come in to bring a new flow of energy and manifestation at a three-dimensional level, right?

Because you are 3D You got to experience life in 3D as your clients. We have to ground right this soul, this mental side and probably emotional into a physical experience living on this paradigm. That is the key part that money contributes. It's almost like the living three-dimensional lifeforce, right of manifesting. 

This is why money is neutral energetically. And it's also why your state, right, and how you act and behave in your business, how you connect and communicate in your business is going to influence the money that is created, the money that flows, this isn't about building up money, it's not about letting go money, it's a flow of money just because money is energetic, just like your thoughts just like your state, just like your soul.



Relationship Interactions

We're looking at these three interactions of the flow of energy and how we're moving from these different vibrational states to come into manifesting as a whole experience.

That means that in order to be in balance, you are looking at your integrity and values, as well as the value offered. But this isn't just a sales or marketing position, but also the integrity and how you hold your values in every part of how you operate in your business. This is super important. And this is why the more you can be in a creative, enjoyable, fun flow, whatever that is for you when you're at work is the most important place to get yourself to because then all three of those things are going to be flowing beautifully.

Your mind is going to be flowing with your soul and your money is going to be flowing in return between all the connections that you are building between your soul, your mind, your emotional state and the actions that you are taking.  This is why it's really important that we set clear goals around our business because without that we don't have that energetic manifestation.


Not money driven?

For those of you who are not money driven, or visually even driven, this is where you really need to do that sense of heartfelt work feeling the intention, feeling the service, the level of it, and also feeling what lifestyle you want.

How do you want to live? What're the comforts like, if you can feel the quality of life and what that might cost you? Then you can ground it into numbers. 

Okay, so for me as an example, I'm not driven by the money I never have been, even as a lawyer, I was never that interested in my salary. But what I did know as a lawyer was I needed to earn a certain amount to pay for my trains for the outfits that I had to wear, you know, for the getting my nails done that went with the outfits that I needed to wear to be presentable as a lawyer, you know, the other like holidays that I would want as a break, you know, think about the lifestyle that you want, what's that going to cost you. And then that gives you an idea of what your goals are for your business to support you.

This is why it's so important that we integrate life and our own personal soul-aligned growth, with those business goals with those financial goals so that we can really see how it's all interconnected and how it's weaving together to create a magical life for you. If you'd like to find out more about how you can integrate this, get some worksheets to support you. 

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Nids Nidra acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respect to them and their cultures; and to Custodians past, present and emerging.


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