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3 Keys to build momentum for change

embody Mar 06, 2023

Change happens. Whether desired or not, it can take time to build a new direction. This contemplation shares three elements that can help us to build momentum towards that change. How can we maintain the determination and drive to move towards our new direction?




Change brings up how we have become circular, stuck or stopped moving more deeply through our life experiences. When we notice this feeling, we need a resolution or personal resolve to know where we are moving. We need determination, drive and perseverance to make the shift. 


Step 1: Find a Purpose

Whatever the cause of change, we need to have a clear purpose to stay the course of change and keep our momentum forward. Change needs a deep purpose to move us forwards. It must be deep, heartfelt and passionate. 

This is essential because it is what will fuel your perseverance and give you the determination to keep moving forwards. The purpose should have a sense of 'there is no other way but this choice' to it. 


What happens when the change was not intended? 


Undesired Change 

Initial shock, frustration, anger and grief must be addressed and honoured. These feelings are true and raw, and provide the fuel to give your purpose and a passionate fire that will keep you moving forwards. Do not underestimate the power of this period and allow yourself to be in pain and suffering, without over-dramatising or victimizing yourself. 

At this stage, it is easy to fall into the 'victim' mindset and remain stuck. You must give yourself full permission to feel the experience with awareness of 'woe poor me' wanting to grab the reigns.  

Next, begin to ask: "What happened here that I can transform in my life to elevate it? What gift or wisdom is here for me to share?"

This exploration will fuel your passion and the larger purpose behind the change that propels you forwards. You may need to dig really deep to find this purpose. It can take time and you may need the perspective of others to open your mind to a new way.


Desired Change

When you want and asked for the change, there is a gear shift that you need to make. It is similar to breaking up with someone when you are the one 'dumping' them. It is hard to be the 'victim' of your own decision so other tendencies of self-sabotage kick in, namely 'inertia' or 'stuckness'. You just simply distract, forget or stay with the old bad habit. 

For example, choosing to be more healthy. Why are you trying to lose weight or change your diet? 

  • When the choice is to fit a dress, it often doesn't really drive us forward. 
  • When the choice is to be energised so I can be the best companion to others, you may find this larger purpose connects you to move. 



Step 2: Break It Down into Small Steps 

Do the research, gather information and learn about your new direction. This will empower you to make informed choices for your new direction. It also helps to balance the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine energies that will form your outcome. 

Once you have gathered the information, then break out the steps making them SIMPLE and EASY! What will be your counteractions to the old habitual patterns? Be prepared for your old ways, especially in the earlier steps. 

There will always be a choice at each step and you need to choose your new direction. This is how you actually build momentum forward. 



Step 3: Keep Choosing the New Path

Connect back to the purpose with each step so you keep moving forward. This creates a larger container for accountability and behaviour to fulfil your intention. This is also why step 1 is so important to take time and ensure it is deeply heartfelt and purposeful. 

The Law of Attraction will throw old momentum and karma at this early stage, so you will have to keep choosing the new path. This is the biggest hurdle to your new change until you have begun building the new direction momentum. 

For example, with weight loss, you must keep spare time in your diary to stay on the new shopping regime, organise your new healthy meals and have time to learn these new changes. 

At this point, you might want the support of others to cheer you along, hold you to account and keep motivating you with your purpose. Our Embody Life Community is a great online space to get such support - you can create your own 'challenges' and ask others to join you in moving forward. Join the Global Embodiment Circle in our community for support here

There are supportive practices this month to keep you building your momentum, both on this blog and on YouTube.

Watch the YOUTUBE of this vlog 




In the Sanctuary get:

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Nids Nidra acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respect to them and their cultures; and to Custodians past, present and emerging.


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