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What is the Luminous Life?

embody Jun 01, 2022

A person that seeks to live their fullest life, attain their highest expression throughout this lifetime and the path of seekers to 'enlightenment' - these are the people living the luminous life. If life seems dull, lacking or meh then it's time for you to step into the light!

In 9 months, the transformational program of a Luminous Life is designed to help you rebirth your way of being whilst doing life…

Month 1: Clarity

Clarify your intentions through a personalised assessment and map out your route so that you have a clear direction and focus to navigate your journey within your life adventures. Get simple, fun routines into place daily that support your intention and emotional state to move into it. 

You will complete a comprehensive form based on the yogic first two limbs - yamas and niyamas. This is a guiding tool for our journey alongside your Intention Agreement that you will sign to show your commitment to your journey. 

This month includes an energetic space setting for your soul to communicate with me directly. You can opt for a Soul Realignment reading (if your soul agrees to this) or a Light Body attunement with me. You do not need to be present for any of these sessions. 


Month 2: Sense of Peace

Discover how to access your sense of peace easily with ceremonial and practical action steps so that you can let go and move on with ease. You will discover your quick route to awareness so that you can maintain peace within yourself when triggered. 

You will commit to simple daily and weekly actions that create a rhythm in your life to welcome new and release the old in your life. With these awareness habits you will bring deeper connection into your actions throughout the day and build ease in connecting to this inner peace. 


Month 3: Staying True to You

Explore the art of balance as the constant shift here you give and receive in a way that is aligned with your values to stay true to yourself.  With values accountability activities your choices are connected between your brain and emotional wellbeing so that you proactively prevent overwhelm or burnout. 

We explore your alignment to your values and how you are living them whilst forgiving yourself for any times that you step out of that alignment. This process often introduces areas of judgment and how to become more accepting of the diversity of perspectives. 


Month 4: Confident Communication with Intuition

Build your communication with your intuition and how to express your voice including exercises to build your inner child’s trust in your adult ability to take appropriate action so that you have the confidence in intuition and decision making. 

Whether your inner communication comes from intuitive downloads, psychic visions or a fairly logical process you are a being of wisdom. This month you will explore the inventory of your wisdom and tools to enable you to trust your intuition and communication skills when yourself with others. 


Month 5: Emotional Resilience with Compassion

Connect to the emotional resilience of compassion and celebration with forgiveness and gratitude practices so that you can take a different perspective of deep inner strength that embraces your weaknesses as resources of kindness. 

Throughout each month compassion is always fundamental to this work. At this juncture, many begin to question their compassion with selfishness. We return to the fundamentals of the luminous life and to be of service in all that we do, and we do this from a space of compassion. 


Month 6: Inner child delights

Visualisation techniques to repattern your inner child’s behaviour so that you can choose actions and experiences from your purest curious and playful self that meet your adult life needs. 

Your inner child can be disruptive if not reparented with the compassion cultivated in month 6. You will be taken on visualisations to build a strong relationship and communication with your inner child. To know how to work with her so that she tells you when it is playtime and you can ask her to behave when it is not. This is all about play and curiosity, as children need. 


Month 7: Release relationship patterns

Dive into your key relationships to unravel the repeated patterns that are not serving you to forgive, and accept so that you can release the physical pain patterns. 

Self-journey work often brings up 'boundaries'. You are a sensitive being and feel a great deal, so we will actually begin this work in the first month and weave it throughout the journey. By month 7 you will be feeling strong to address those 'tricky' relationships and we will go deeper into the energetics of the dance you are retelling so that you can move to a new rhythm. 

Month 8: Surrender your doing

Surrender to the luminous life is a practice of continuous delegation and giving it up. To-do lists are going to be reduced so that you are focused to become free. 

At this juncture, you want to be prioritising your world and life to stay on your luminous path. We will review what really empowers you and makes you shine bright, and remove the unnecessary with a big hug! You are in charge and I will hold you up. 

Month 9: Realise your Power

You review the Spiral Journey of your progress, your tools and their playful adaptations so that you are empowered to achieve your intentions by being the change for you, always. 

As we close this journey we review the tool kit that you have created, what you have achieved and how you can adapt this for the future. You will feel positive, empowered, lighter and more focused on your fulfilled life so that you can share more consciously your greatest gifts - being fully yourself all the time! 

This sounds so good, right? 

Let's have a 30 minute Clarity Call to get you on your first steps towards a lighter life. 


What are the Practices in a Luminous Life? 

The practices are intuitively guided and bespoke for you at the appropriate time. All come with simplicity, pragmatism, nurturing and honesty.  This program fuses all Nid's skills to pack a powerful shift for your life. 

Inspired by the teachings of Buddhism, yoga, the Beauty Way of Shamanism, Light Body teachings and Law of Attraction this program is infused to empower your path. The conversations draw on many teachings and philosophies to provide alternative perspectives and openings for those with a curious mind. 

Movements are energetic but can also include yoga asanas, fascial fitness sequences, core strength or mudras. You are welcome to join the monthly full moon Purity Body Release as part of the program, if this supports you. 

Meditations are recorded for you alongside Nid's pre-recorded public practices. These range from visualisations, body sensations, yoga nidras and mindfulness tools. 

Breathing practices draw from many traditions with the focus to balance your nervous system and optimise the best state for your body and mind and heart to work coherently. You are welcome to join the monthly new moon Clarity Breathwork ceremony online if this feels appropriate. 

This sounds so good, right? 

Let's have a 30 minute Clarity Call to get you on your first steps towards a lighter life. 

The call is free, no-obligation and will lighten your next month! (If you do the steps of course) 

Learn more about the Luminous Life program here


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Nids Nidra acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respect to them and their cultures; and to Custodians past, present and emerging.


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