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Insurance Roots in Spiritual Business: Common Questions

consulting Aug 08, 2022


One of the most common questions I get is where do I get insurance and do I have to get it through one of the associations that I'm a member of.


The answer is, you do not need to get it through one of the associations.


Often what the associations do is to get a discount for a bulk number of people that would be buying insurance through them as members, and that may be an advantage to you. So, it's always worth getting a quote and finding out what is covered in the insurance provided by your association. 


So then you're going to look at other insurers and get quotes from them and see whether or not they can cover you for all the different practices that you offer and share as well as your business activity. And all these things are going to be made sure that they're covered by your insurer.


Where do I get insurance from?

Association has discounts but may not cover all your services. Ask the insurer:

  • Do they cover all of your services?
  • Do they cover your geographic reach?
  • Do they cover the ways you deliver?

Make sure you ask the same questions and get comparable quotes from each of these insurers so that you can really sit and compare whether or not you are covered and what you are covered for.


Another question that I get asked is about insurance when you might be based in a couple of different countries as part of your business and this is a kind of twofold question.


Where you're going to incorporate your business and have yourself registered primarily for tax and do your tax returns


That will most likely influence where you're going to be obtaining insurance because that will be where they'll want to see that you're operating a business in that location. And so you're probably going to work out the tax and where you're going to register your business for the purposes of tax and where then you would be able to get your insurance.


Now, it doesn't always mean that you can't get insurance without having to establish your tax residency but they will want to see as part of giving you insurance that you are a resident in that area and that's where the business is going to be serviced.


Moving Around? 

  • What is the location of your business registration?
  • Begin with your tax residency - where will this be?
  • How long can you leave this location whilst keeping coverage?
  • What are the countries that you will be in? Is there special coverage for this country?ie an extra premium
  • Who is your client base? Where do they come from?


These things can influence the premium that your insurer will charge you and whether or not there is coverage for the work that you are offering.


These kind of questions are useful if you're concerned about the protection that your insurer is going to give you should you make these choices with your business and how you're going to operate


So, these are the two key things I wanted to cover for this months video, The questions that keep coming up in how people are setting themselves up for their beautiful healing work and sharing of more greater love in this world 


Your Choice

  • Your insurance is your choice, but can impact your collaborations or hires of spaces.
  • Know your responsibilities towards others
  • Know their rights and how to respect them to reduce your risk.


The last thing we want to is to think that we are covered and then find out that we aren't after something has happened because that creates far more of an unpleasant experience than if we can try and prepare for opportunities and know that you can make choices from a really grounded and pragmatic place to grow your business.


When you got that foundation and you've got that approach and strategy in your business, you'll apply it to all your business decisions and that will only mean you're always prepared and ready for new opportunities when they arise.


If you want to learn a little bit more about waivers and disclaimers as well as a bit more detail on insurance.

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Nids Nidra acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respect to them and their cultures; and to Custodians past, present and emerging.


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