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A Morning Practice: Ground, Calm, and Focus

embody movement Oct 30, 2023

Neuro-specialists emphasize the importance of routine for optimal brain function. When we optimise function it leaves space to deal with life situations that create emotional reactions, which require more energy to process. The routine when performed mindfully can ground, calm and enhance focus for the day ahead.



In a profound dialogue between a seeker and a sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi once asked, "Are there two 'I's' then?" The seeker responded, "It is begging the question." The sage continued, "Who says this? Is it the one who is, or the other who does not know what he is?" The seeker pondered, "I am, but do not know what or how?" The sage gently reassured, "'I' is always there." (Talk 434)


In this blog post, I share my personal experience to provide ideas. I encourage you to get curious about what you enjoy, connect you to your body and open your mind and heart for the day. 


Watch my Morning Wake Up Practice on YouTube here 


The Busier It Gets, the More Ritual is Needed


After returning from my working-travel experiences to living in the city, I am reminded about the importance of a morning routine that is my ritual into the day. To begin the day with a disciplined self-development routine supports living in a fast-paced environment. Without the stable morning foundation, old habits will slide in easily and almost unnoticed. 


Over many years, I observed that my most grounded phases and clear energetic stages are when I create a morning practice that will ground me, instill calmness, and focus my energy for my day. I arrange my space (usually a bedroom) to facilitate this practice, placing my yoga mat and mini stability pilates ball next to my bed. I even get my Vitamix and a caffettiera prepped for my morning nourishment (coffee remains my cherished treat)!


It is important that the routine is attended to mindfully with all your presence and energy. This is a key part of developing better focus and creation energy for experiences that you want - and ‘experience’ is your feeling state of your day, not the events or exchanges that may be ‘imperfect’. 

Why Develop This Routine?

You can only move in the direction that you desire but prioritising what will support you in going towards that change. If you know your priorities for your day by taking the time in the morning then you can return to this throughout the day when making decisions. 


Most of my clients receive a great deal of easy change towards their intentions when they include the following elements in their morning ritual:

  1. Self Check-In: It allows me to assess "where am I today?" This self-awareness helps me distinguish between my own feelings and the energies I pick up from others throughout the day. This is so important for empaths and sensitives to discern. 
  2. Grounding: Reconnect the physical body after sleep into the day and re-establish my connection with the earth. This can be simple through hand gestures (mudras) or my 5 core moves for grounded energy checkin. 
  3. Calmness: I choose a practice that keeps me centered and calm. Usually this is my light body meditation or a prayer for the day. 
  4. Contemplation: Contemplative thoughts prepare me to be open to the lessons the day will bring. To open the mind and perspectives, choose books of enlightened sages or masters to read for 5 minutes in the morning. Put your mind in their energy. 
  5. Me Time: Select a nurturing practice that reminds me I must nurture myself before I can give to others. This can be as simple as hands resting on the heart space and saying “I love you” to myself. 
  6. Joy: Brings a smile to your face! Anything that works for you - it might be looking at your kids or pet, maybe cloud watching or being silly and pretending you are a child again. 


What Does My Routine Entail?

  • I start by making hot lemon and ginger water, and when I cannot be bothered, I drink a glass of water. 
  • I shower and dress into my easy movement clothes with no strings on them and roll onto my mat. During this process I say affirmations in the shower of gratitude to the Earth, ancestors and indigenous keepers of the land where I am present. I tap meridians that ground my energy into my body with words of thanks to my body temple. 
  • I take my 'Morning Grounding Practice,' which involves a check-in with my body, mind, emotions, and energy for the day. Some days, this practice involves more physical movements, while on others, it focuses more on breath, purity body release or alchemy yoga. You can watch one of my morning practices here
  • I always include my Light Body meditation for 30-40 minutes to welcome the light and conscious love into my heart. Even before I studied Light Body meditation I would meditate to become aware of my state of mind - was I in a busy thought day (aka wary of hasty decisions) or spacious day (balanced choices). 
  • Then I sit down with my coffee and breakfast.
  • I may open a book of conscious teachings, my favourites are Sri Ramana Maharshi’s talks, or A Course In Miracles. I tune into my intuition and open on a random page and read, make notes and reflect on the reading and my notes.
  • As I conclude my daily preparations, I carry the insights and intentions from my morning ritual with me. I pray for support to honour these intentions and to surrender my egoic desires


Creating Your Morning Practice

A morning practice should encompass three essential elements of self-check-in: Breath, Body, and Mind/Emotions. 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Begin in bed, notice your breathing for 5 minutes. 
  • Conduct a body scan, noting sensations from toes to head.
  • Pay attention to any thoughts about your day without going into the story of doing or predictions of events. 
  • Visualize how you want your day to unfold, feel the positive emotions associated with your best moment - it can be as simple as a quiet moment in the bathroom alone! .
  • Read a poem or wise text to expand your mind.


Your morning practice is an opportunity to set a positive tone for the day, grounding yourself, fostering calmness, and cultivating focus. Embrace it as a powerful tool for personal growth and inner balance.

Would you like more support in creating your morning routine and making it a ritual? 


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Nids Nidra acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respect to them and their cultures; and to Custodians past, present and emerging.


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