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Getting in the Flow of Abundant Life

consulting embody Sep 25, 2023

A natural flow of life provides for times of being busy and active, with restful emptiness. This flow provides for synchronicities to appear that carry your life beyond what you would expect. It is easy to fall out of your natural rhythm and flow of life with so much going on in the world and your basic needs to be met through working to earn money. How might you get back into your flow?




Your Childhood Flow

I remember as a child I enjoyed time alone to dance around my room to myself; I would use movement to work through my emotions.  My natural movement was always very flowing, with fewer jumps and spins and more of an adage pace. I love the sensation of gentle flow – a lulling cocoon sensation of freedom with stability.  

I would often be in trouble for walking too slowly with my family. My school reports noted my daydreaming tendencies, and I would love to spend time watching animals and nature moving at its own pace. I could get very over-excited, hyper and impatient too. I loved these moods and spinning myself until almost sick in the kitchen! But the speed was short-lived unless I desired attention - like all children! 

Journal prompt: Do you recall what pace and rhythm was a flow that you enjoyed as a child?



Rediscovering Your Pace

In July 2016 I experienced a ‘setback’ in my recovery and was re-traumatized by sound. The symptoms had me lost on the tube home, wandering down streets confused, crying endlessly and in agonizing pain. I was frustrated to revisit my symptoms from two years prior, but it ignited the determination in me to ‘fully heal’. I recognised that the longer I continued on my current path the more recurrences would reappear. 

Through my yoga nidra practice I sought the answer in meditation: be free through travel and teach was the answer. My gut knew this was vital, but I also recognised that this sudden change of heart in my life would impact people around me. I also had very little cash saved since my injury and travelling without income was a concern.

Slowly I allowed the sense of what I was seeking to take nest. I would make it useful - a yoga teacher training to let me settle into my travels and this was financially tax deductible for my finances. I realised that I needed longer than 5 weeks to get back into my flow. How would I make my money last longer? How would I make ends meet? 

My need to control and organise kicked in. I prepared plans A, B and C to maximise the experience and come back with accomplished goals, to mitigate my finances and not worry about running out.

As I researched the options a flood of overwhelm in the choices created anxiety for me; I could not choose! I realised that any decision made would be influenced by my current situation and growing desperation to feel free from my current cycle.

I realised that when I am so overwhelmed and anxious, the best decision is NO decision. I would let time unravel with the events as meant to be. 

Seven years later, I still have this impatience to know an outcome. To not wait for things to run their course and want to plan for all options. The insight is that it is my IMPATIENCE that leads me to want to decide and I am not in the flow of allowing abundance. In these moments, I am letting fear pervade into my present moment.

Journal Prompt: Do you jump into action to make an exit plan without making space for rest, reset and magic? 



Pause for Your Soul

As I travelled in Costa Rica I felt the anxiety of money so I decided Nicaragua was my destination after my training. I had put some feelers out but refused to decide until I found clarity. Did I want to work in a yoga studio, a horse farm, or a surf house? My intention to fully heal through travel with work had been challenging to visualise. I felt anxious that I could not see my dreams and future to make this journey fulfilling.

I agreed to stay a night with Grace at her new Gracious Living Oasis home-style retreat centre near Chinandega in northern Nicaragua. It was a long way for me to travel and the work was vague outside of teaching yoga. I wasn’t sure how much rest I still needed yet I was eager to get back into a mode of working in a healing environment.  Apprehensive I arrived unsure, she asked me to teach a yoga class to the staff and within 24 hours Grace had asked me to stay for a little over 3 weeks.

I grounded and settled. The days were busy outside of teaching a yoga class there was a lot to manage as her team. But within 5 days of settling, I felt the joyous emotion of nurture – fed nutritious meals all day long, supported when I felt tired to meditate and have time alone and encouraged to join the activities offered to the guests. I felt truly blessed to have been given this space to work and heal simultaneously.

Journal prompt: Your soul is calling you - have you made space to listen to it?



Merging Your Inner Rhythms

Another job appeared to teach in Costa Rica – I have a total of two and half months of work in retreat centres focused on the full person’s return to health. I could not have visualised a more perfect scenario for my journey: to truly heal.

My anxiety about not visualising the future fell away.  I understood that my larger goal when met with the trust that my heart combined with my gut instinct would lead me to the right decision, made for the most perfect experience. The ease at which the experiences presented themselves to me took no effort, in fact, they were all purely fun and joyous.

To find your flow requires listening to the heart, gut and mind. When you take the idea, connect it with the heart's desire and allow the courage of the gut to move you forward it provides for synchronicities and magic to arise in your life. This is finding your flow!

Journal prompt: When you set an intention where does it rise from within you - the heart, mind or gut? Note the difference in how it feels depending on where the intention rises from within you.



Bringing in Abundance

Throughout this period there were many conversations around the fairness of exchange for paid retreat teachers or volunteer exchange placements. Each retreat centre offered their perspective on the value of the exchange that you brought to their business and how they could cost your accommodation, food and transfers for their business. 

My approach was to not search for a numeric value of pay or exchange, but to pursue my highest good to be of service to all that I would meet. My initial expectation had been a low-quality experience of rice and beans with a hammock for sleep to teach a yoga class each day, but my soul was not interested in this! 

As I set boundaries for a clear 'yes' or 'no' to what physical environment I wanted to be in, what hours I wanted to work and the types of clients I wished to support the universe served me a greater abundance of what I sought. 

To some, my exchange undermined 'proper pay' and to me, I lived abundantly! I had hours to read, practice and play whilst enjoying fine food, company and places to tour with the clients. I felt more abundant than I would have dreamed!

Your abundance arrives when asserting clear boundaries, even through lots of 'no'! With clarity of what lights you up and how you direct your energy in flow, abundance rolls to you in waves but not always how you expected it. 

Journal prompt: Where have you been clear with what you want and received abundantly for asserting your heartfelt desires? 



How can you get into the abundant flow?

  1. Recognise you are going around in circles.
  2. Get quiet and see what presents itself to you as an answer. Go big!
  3. If nothing seems right, don’t do any of it. Leave it and wait.
  4. Be open to things that may initially seem against your usual choices.
  5. Be generous with your energy and gifts, you are here to share your life!
  6. Be effortless – there is no price to pay for happiness, you deserve it. It should just ‘fall into your lap’.
  7. Trust your pure heart's truth - your gut may be full of fear and your mind busy with judgment, but your heart knows the balanced path. 



Want to go deeper with your soul's choices? 

See if your soul is ready for a Soul Aligned Business reading with Nid. 

This journey takes you through your soul's gifts that you carry in all of your lifetimes - your soul blueprint. This provides clarity on choosing appropriate environments for you to work within and business structures that you might need around you to be abundant. 

We create an energetic statement for your business and financial intention, ensuring that it is probable to manifest within 6 months. 

From here, we are moving into specific action to clear those misalignments. We break down who contributes the energy into your life that needs to shift, including your own! We will dive into products or services, your marketing and sales, and the processes or structures in your business. 

My clients have all exceeded their financial intentions in the timeframes when they took the actions to align to their souls. You can enjoy this abundance in your life too. Let's see if it is time for your soul to enjoy its abundance in your current dimensional reality!






The blog post was originally written for Omega Movement in 2018 by Nid


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Nids Nidra acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respect to them and their cultures; and to Custodians past, present and emerging.


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