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The Divine Seedling Yoga Nidra

The Divine Seedling Yoga Nidra

embody Dec 18, 2022


We are all seeds that grow and become our own beautiful trees. We sway through life amidst the forest of other plants and creatures. The concept of growth as a plant in visualizations is often used in traditional cultures as it deeply connects us to nature. The divine seedling is a wonderful yoga nidra for beginners of the practice to start curating their own garden for a new life.



What is Divine Seedling Yoga Nidra?

This integrative yoga nidra begins the journey of planting a seed for future dreams and desires. Sometimes we can feel small and that this desire or our dreams are unimportant, but it is a core part of life to recognize that no matter how small, each of us and our dreams is unique and brings a special gift to the world. This yoga nidra begins to build the inner strength to fulfill your purpose in life.

You will be taken on a blend of the Satyananda yoga approach with Shamanic journeying. A journey of the chakras with the growth of the seed helps to ground the visualization strongly in natural elements. This ensures that all the elements are provided for within the practice alongside balancing the energies of each chakra. It encourages a calm yet positive sensation experience for positive future intention growth using the Law of Attraction.



The Breathing Practice

The use of the natural expansion and contraction of the breath is a part of growth. It allows for the continual cycle of evolution to be felt through the life-giving nature of breath. This is reassuring to the nervous system and the journey to be taken. You will expand, safely and within your means knowing that your contraction phases are an important phase of the cycle to digest and refine. 


Sensation Awareness

The opposite sensations called upon are large and small. To permit expansion beyond the physical body takes the mind to a non-local state (as neurologists call it). This connects to others and the larger ‘Divine’ or consciousness of life.

The smaller sensation encourages the feeling of being an atom. Something so minute that it has space and freedom for the impossible to become true. 


Visualisation of the Seedling

Taken on a journey of the seed growing through the chakras your seed will flourish. With time feel the element of each chakra nourishing the seed. Permit the sensations of what type of nourishment is fed to the seed. Since the shape of the seed and what it grows into are embedded before it blossoms and shares itself with the world, take the time to enjoy the journey. This is the journey of life for all on earth. Enjoy the journey as a loving, nourishing act of exploration.



Why does this yoga nidra help

This yoga nidra is designed to be supportive of beginners and those seeking to develop their own self-growth with more active intentions and actions. The Shamanic journey of ‘growing your garden' is a beautiful path to ensure that you feed what you wish to grow in your life. ‘Thoughts become things’ is a core belief of many cultures and our modern-day Law of Attraction reflects this.

  • Grounded yoga Nidra for awakening and expansion into your dream life.
  • Uses all the elements and chakras to balance the body, mind, and energy
  • Encourages self-growth and change in an empowered manner.
  • Calming and soothing practice.
  • Connects to life's purpose and the larger consciousness of all.
  • Provides a safe space for the ego to explore its size and role in your life. 


I hope that you enjoy this practice. Please share it if you do so others may feel the benefits of this practice.



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Nids Nidra acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respect to them and their cultures; and to Custodians past, present and emerging.


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