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Balancing Creativity and Structure to Be Real at Work

consulting Aug 14, 2023

How can you use structure and creativity to remove the feelings of injustice and be real in our spiritual business? Spiritual businesses are at a time when they need to move into the mainstream world to move our shift forwards. Learn the simple dance to flow and create in the real world so your business can flourish.



This is a dance of rational and relational thinking, or the right and left brain hemispheres. However, because society is so large and complex and we have created complex systems of multiple layered interdependencies with globalisation, it can be very easy to feel devalued and lost in the process of daily work or building of your spiritual business. 


Left Brain: To Ground Energy

In our energetic practices, we create a container to bring the energy in for manifestation. We do this through intentionality, altars and feng shui for space holding and focusing our energetic alignment to this energy. 

In your business a structure will provide a focused container for the energy to flow through and create your highest service or products, connecting with your aligned awesome clients. 

Whatever your lineage of spiritual work, you will be familiar with setting a stable container or base as a foundation to build upon. This is the same as the foundations to build a home upon. There are simple foundations for whatever you are creating. 


Your structure may want to include: 

  • Who are your clients - how do you locate them? 
  • What is the energy that you are all moving - inspiration, motivations etc?
  • What is the intention of the energetic direction that all are moving towards? 
  • How will you ensure that they feel safe and held throughout? 
  • What is the easiest path for them to invest and stay invested with you? 
  • How will you connect and communicate with them clearly? 
  • What are your working boundaries for client access? 
  • What are your needs and financial values to support your best life? 


Be wary of following steps too closely, especially when told what to do by someone else. This is where fixed strategy business coaching can be detrimental to your spiritual business. Your soul is not designed to follow someone else’s structure - it has to be your own! 

We can place too many structures around us, especially in fear of starting out or as a business grows.  It stagnates the energy and limits the possibilities for all.  

If you work in a larger organisation there are often many structures in place for compliance, regulations and numerous societal needs. This can be very frustrating in how you can express yourself and be valued for your true gifts. Inside of this, you can create mini structures for your way of working and what you bring to work, e.g. what you do for the 20 minutes before you arrive at work, how you choose to let interactions affect you and finding enjoyment in the mundane tasks. 


What if your job is not your purpose? 

For many, the role and tasks in a job description are not your life’s purpose. Your purpose will be related to what takes you into the flow of the present moment, and how that is a contribution to others. This means that value is not easily seen or reflected back to you at work.  

How can you be in this dance of stricture and creativity when you feel demotivated and under valued? Focus on being present with yourself. This provides space for your relational and creative self to be expressed. From here there is a ripple effect of your impact on others that you may not see or know about, but it is your true life’s purpose.  

But could it be more than simply accepting you do not get to see the outcome of your efforts? Many of us want to be acknowledged for our valuable contributions at work. 


Right Brain: Space for Creativity

This right side of the brain operates in a relational way which is non-linear and intuitive. When we allow space for creativity it often flows through this side of the brain. Creation wants to happen and just seeks someone willing to channel it into manifestation. This is where you might feel ‘procrastination’ or being more ‘spaced out’ and this is the right brain hemisphere activating. 

Perhaps the apparent increase of attention deficit disorder is more the need for us to balance our right brain operational thinking in the world* and become more creative and balanced in our education and work?

As this creative shift occurs, there may be a need to release the structure or adapt it, so that you can channel the energy of creation through you. Often this is when your structure might need to adapt so that you can be present with the creative flow and kinder to yourself about your lesser attention.


What next?

Play and dance in your flow of these aspects of your wholeness! 

If you’d like support or to go deeper into understanding your personal energy and how it impacts your spiritual business or work, then the Soul Aligned Business is for you. 



*Learn more about Jill Bolte-Taylor’s neuroanatomy research in her latest book ‘Whole Brain Living’ here where she addresses this need for more right brain activation in our world.





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Nids Nidra acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respect to them and their cultures; and to Custodians past, present and emerging.


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