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7 Ways to Balance Acceptance and Planning in Life

embody Mar 10, 2022

How can we use planning to serve the greater good? Owning up to our own mistakes can be a hard lesson. But it is in accepting the lesson that we can see a new way forward that can transform our life. Planners combined with vision can be for everyone’s good if it is aligned with a vision that brings success to all life on Earth.

Heart led Plans

I am a planner. I always had a 3-5 year plan of my life that was to attain the goals I wanted for my life. My drive was unstoppable and I made some poor choices if I felt that something would get in the way of my plans.

A head injury confronts you with something horrific if you are a planner - you cannot commit to or plan anything. For over 18 months I could barely plan ahead 30 minutes, I went from the typical Londoner with my life booked up for months to unable to plan a week of my life as I did not know if I would be ‘well enough' to do something. I had to let go of planning. I remember the day I sat and asked myself “What is this drive? Why must I plan? Where am I going?”

It took six years before I had begun to plan almost 12 months ahead in my life. But I changed how I plan. My heart leads all decisions when I ask “what will bring me peace so that my heart can be easy and I feel well and happy?”

This is intentions from the heart, your Sankalpa

The Heart vs the Ego

My decision to move to Australia is completely heart-led. But to return to a ‘city life’ brought up those old habits and ways of being from before my accident.

As I set my sights on this new life in Australia I began having crazy dreams. I woke up anxious and full of worries. I drove myself into frenzied actions of planning the next 12 months. I began to plan. My ego tried to force my ‘new tools’ onto old habits but the reality was that my intuition was flashing red lights at me, but I was charging ahead. Why?

When a client asked me “Who am I supposed to listen to - my spirit guides, my wants and needs, some God or something else?” My response took me back to Eckhart Tolle’s book ‘The New Earth’ that explains that your life’s purpose is found through separating from the ego, finding true acceptance of what is so that you can listen to what makes you content in the present moment

For me, the ego is the me in this body that worries and fears that my needs won’t be met, and there is my soul’s calling where I surrender to love, accept and enjoy the ride to bring me mind-blowing experiences.

You know when you're meeting your ego as it is when you make mistakes, you are growing and changing. Pushing your edge becomes your comfort zone and welcomes miracles.

A Journey through the Chakras

I always find returning to the chakras as a path brings together life lessons completely with energy, emotions, and physicality unfolding through the body, mind, and spirit.


A physical home is important. But more important is a home where you feel ‘safe’ - for me this is the energy of the space. Practices that balance this chakra and encourage these feelings include:

  • Walking, foot baths and massage of the feet. To feel the feet on the earth supports the body.
  • Vision the space you need to be in. Keep feeling this vision and connect to how it makes you feel. 
  • Make an emotional commitment to connecting and being in this space. 


Nature is the biggest reminder for me that there is variety and abundance in the world. That there is flowing magic always weaving around us. Money propels us to forget that there is much abundance through nature. 

  • Use water to connect to the flow of energy, abundance and wealth always around you to receive. Go for swims, surf or other water floatation experiences. 
  • Gratitude practice in all aspects of your life, but especially the time and connections that you enjoy. 
  • Focus on observing the things your love in your life around you - your love bank!


It is easy to compare and judge ourselves against others. It can make us feel uncomfortable in our skin, not enough, not worthy and inferior - or the inverse to all of those. 

  • Purity Body Release practice to release deep held patterns of body and nervous tension in the fascia and vagus nerve. 
  • Write a list of misaligned choices and apologise to all involved. Take responsibility for your poor decisions. 
  • Surrender to discover something new about yourself and path. 


Heart-led decisions are not always full of joy if your heart is full of sadness. Be aware of choices made from disconnection or low moods. Don’t decide in those moments. 

  • Build upper body strength and openness to strengthen the heart.
  • Take a ‘Forgiveness activity’ to free yourself emotionally and energetically.
  • Daily compassion meditation practice to enhance your energy of love.
  • Commit to seeing the love in all around you. 


When you purposefully ignore your own voice of warnings there are bound to be some repercussions. Time to really put into place discipline of the mind and emotions - purge the negative thoughts and forgive yourself of those insecure feelings.

  • Sing, hum, gargle or do them all! Use my YouTube playlist to Gargle-Along!
  • Take stream of consciousness writing to see what comes out. Visualise the new direction. 
  • Build your listening skills and choose to listen to others rather than speak. Repeat back their shares instead of having an opinion about what they said. 


Foggy brain? Grasping at ideas rather than consistent clarity. Be patient and let it unfold with the waves of time. The more you relax, surrender and allow this life to unfold the more you see the consistencies in your path. Ideas begin to flow and connections form. 

  • Journal your desires and monitor your emotions as you list them. Do they change? What is consistent?
  • Be aware of who is around you, what they say and share and offer in connection. Is there alignment with your visions of your life?
  • Vision board time! Get some fun pictures and lay them out into all that you desire! 


This is all about our connection with the Divine. Now is a critical time for the conscious evolution of humans.

  • Get outside your bubble of people. Connect with those who have ‘alternative views’ and listen to them. Learn about perspective. 
  • Witness the magic in the every day and write it down in your journal. 
  • Learn about unconditionality, impossibility and unlimited thinking. Expand your mind!

Steps to Change Your Life

There are so many tools, techniques and approaches to use that we are fortunate to have an abundance of ways.

I am a master of change. I love to learn and discover new things. I experiment and make mistakes. If you want to work with me then it is not about how I show you, or tell you what to do. It is about your discovery and power for your journey of life. I just ask you for dedication, commitment, discipline and effort for yourself.

Connect with me for a free 30 minute consultation to see if my Luminous Life Program might support you. 

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Nids Nidra acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respect to them and their cultures; and to Custodians past, present and emerging.


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