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A Dream To Heal Through Love

embody Jun 08, 2022

What is your heartfelt mission? What is your life's purpose? Common questions that are asked in the life coaching or healing industries. When I asked my community what they wanted me to provide free live talks on they requested - giving life meaning (rituals), finding purpose and intentional living. Discover my top questions that guide every day. 


If I am honest, I found these questions mostly impossible for much of my life. How did I get to a purposeful and intentional life? Why is it so important anyway? 



My Heartfelt Mission

I remember as a toddler my dream was to be a Mother Theresa and heal people with loving-kindness. I would dance and sing around in my own world of magical beings and experiences. This was the world that I wanted to live in and my purpose was to spread this love and peaceful joy to others. 


Somehow it got lost by 7 years old and years of depression, workaholism and behaving appropriately in society found me unravelled. When asked about my goals at 30, I would answer "The intellectual pursuit of my work and commercial application in solving the technical problems of law and emerging technologies in music licensing." I had no purpose or interest in purpose.  I was lost and going nowhere. No amount of panic attacks, suicide attempts or divorce had awoken me from this purposeless life.


After my head injury, I met myself naked. Faced with a body and mind that at that time did not function 'normally' and no idea what would become of me, who was I? I was that little girl who believed in kindness and helping others. This was my heartfelt mission. 


Whatever in life has led you to the point of wondering what your life’s mission is, it is to be that same pure essence that brought you inner peace and joy as a child. Your heart always knows your mission and knew it best when you were a pure innocent child. 

  • Can you remember that distant memory? 
  • A simple heart uplifting belief that you hold about the good of life and humanity? 


Living with Intention

Often it is when we have lost everything that we discover the grit and desire to give it all meaning - “why else am I still standing here?” 


That thought propelled me to engage with living my life fully and contribute back to the world. If you haven’t got there, then do not wait to get to the bottom before coming up, please!


In this choice, what does it mean to me to ‘live fully’. I looked to life coach leaders like Tony Robbins with all the wonderful enthusiasm and high energy, and personally could not think of anything worse! My brain injury taught me that I am a quiet, gentle and slowly paced person. When I get over excited I am not me at my best - my best is peacefully delighted. 


For me, to live fully is to live with intention and this is to slow down, savour the senses and allow the moment to sink in like a slowly ageing whiskey. From here, I can connect with those around me intimately, fully, consciously, wholly and embrace all of them - and if alone, I can do this for myself too! This is the intention that I contribute back - to embody the peaceful delight of life. 

  • What is your pace that engages all your senses to feel alive? 
  • Is there a core message in your life that you would want to share with others? 


Living Valued Action

Sometimes purpose and value get mixed up in busy lives and cities that are expense. It is easy to look externally for what we must meet and do. The past two years has given us all an opportunity to reassess our values in how we live. 


I value being in the moment with people and our intimate experiences for their richness. Nature fills me with so much awe and love. I see magic all around me. I want to share this with others, there is a purpose behind my time with each person - to entice them into this magic and abundance. 


When I return back to my heartfelt mission and combine it with my intention for sharing with others, I can choose actions that align to both these things. 

  • Sit in the space of this heartfelt mission. 
  • Connect to the intention. 
  • From here see what arises. 
  • That is my action. My next step. 


The Need for Purpose

Humans have a basic need to have a purpose in life to give us meaning and direction. It helps bring you to the present moment. To connect with others in sharing experiences. To feel loved and loving. According to research, having a purpose creates positivity and a more enjoyable life. Purpose does not have to feel spiritual or connected to a larger faith, but this is often the easiest approach. 


What is important to living with a purpose is to include the following:

  • Connection with others
  • Fully experience the present moment
  • Take the time to truly feel into your heart regularly
  • Decide on messages to share with others, and these can change over time. 


A promise to you

I have arrived. And I've already left. I am always changing.  I have a vast array of skills and knowledge. I have lived a rich range of life experiences already. I am ready to relax and enjoy the ride. 


How I serve my dream to heal through love can only unfold at the moment. Every moment is a new connection, a new lesson, the message that needs to be conveyed. I cannot be bound by this falsity of a perception. 


My purpose threads through all of this. 

An agent of supporting change; and change will never cease. 

The only answer is to be in love. In love with life and who you are for this life. 

This is where I am. This guides my actions. This is how I live my purpose. 


The ‘Holy Grail’ to live a purposeful, meaningful life is really to be intentional in each moment to be fully present to experience it all-embracing it with an open heart and mind. 


You know how to do it. Maybe you just need a kind supportive guide to hold you along the way? If you feel that, then let’s connect with a Clarity Call and see how I can support you on this part of the path to your fullest embodied life. 


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Nids Nidra acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respect to them and their cultures; and to Custodians past, present and emerging.


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