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7 Reasons to get Online as a Lightworker for the Future

consulting Mar 01, 2022

"It is the community that moves the political and legal structures. When the people align in action it is because all individuals choose from their present truth."*

Lightworkers are being called to the commercial world to support the change of our species and the way that we live. Online has given us the experience of subtle energies and psychic connections. The collective needs Spirit to create our new world. You are being asked to step up.

Why Lightworkers?

A Lightworker and wellness-entreprenreur creates experiences, spaces and opportunities for others to connect with their own wellbeing. A wellness-preneur is passionate to share new perspectives centred in values, kindly moving towards intentions while always deepening further into our relationship with the world (Earth or the Universe, whatever you wish to call it).  

A wellness-preneur has an important role when we consider the World Health Organisation’s definition of ‘wellbeing’ as “the individual’s perception of their position in life in the context of the culture and value systems in which they live and in relation to their goals.”

This means that a lightworker supports their clients to reconnect with:

  1. Their ability to create their own life,

  2. Valued centred living and choices,

  3. Prioritise wellbeing and health to have a better sense of self-worth so that they can truly value the service provided,

  4. The choice to be a conscious consumer and capitalist as part of the economic systems, 

  5. Connection to the body and natural systems including relationships with food, the ecosystem and other life on the planet, 

  6. Interrelational systems approach to life so we consider the consequences of our choices and actions beyond our immediate world, and

  7. The balance of intuitive and rational decision making that will be less divisive and more inclusive in society. 

Perhaps that sounds like a lot of responsibility, but when each lightworker does their part the combination of all the amazing healers and teachers out there will culminate in a wonderful worldwide change. 

But how can this impact happen beyond our little corners of the world? Does that mean that you have to become the next influencer guru with millions of followers? This would be an awful lot to take on, but your role is to show up, do your best at what you do, for your tribe, and be a presence. 


The best way to have this worldwide change? To be present online

The Seven Blessings for Business Online? 

Online has been a blessing and curse of the 21st Century, but before online we already saw a decline in self-worth through our consumer culture. Online shone a light on our devaluation of creativity through the almost destruction of the creative industries like music, and wellbeing via social media. 

A fundamental energetic exchange must be recognised: it is not the technology that is at fault. Like money, technology is a neutral medium (ignoring AI debates for now). The crises we see listed above are the ‘user error’ signs. The issue is how we use online because all it reflects is our energy as a society. 

We must address values and self-worth which are basics that wellness-preneurs teach and share in abundance. To return our clients to their centred self and enjoying their life these are foundational self-work. Our businesses must reflect our self-work in this regard. 


If your business teaches value and self-worth then your model and pricing should also reflect this. Online gives you the capacity to reuse and repurpose your creations in multiple mediums that can bring more value to what you initially designed. Whether this is to impact more people or increase your revenue is your choice, but digital distribution provides greater diversity for how you can share your gifts.

A lightworker teaches conscious digital engagement, about the intentional use of thought and expression - so we can use our skills to share how to use technology for the greater good. This is because no energy is ‘free’ there is always a giving and receiving exchange taking place. 


It can be easy to devalue online as not as good as in-person connecting. But online does not remove any value of your skills, training, experience and wonderful gifts. You must balance your business with a range of online offerings that are diverse in pricing from free to high ticket experiences or products. If your confidence in presenting online is less, then you must practice this with those you trust. 

Online has also brought us the power of information that can be overwhelming and shorten attention spans. We have become more educated about inequalities in the world, and opportunities for self-growth. 


You must practice this with those you trust


Initial engagement online must be short and attention-grabbing. Introduce longer-duration experiences online to deepen engagement. This will improve the attention span of your client and deepen their connection to what you offer. 

Online and electromagnetic interference can be very ungrounding and produce greater anxiety. As a holistic teacher you must know the basic online safety and self-care to demonstrate and share with your clients. 


Electromagnetic fields impact the nervous system balance so we must hydrate appropriately. Drink plenty when online and include electrolytes to ensure the proper balance. Seek medical or naturopath support for specific imbalances that you may have. 

Online can seem as though there are a million people doing what you do and there is no way to find your tribe. With so many wearing a social media mask of the ‘perfect life’ make sure that your online connections come from the depth of your soul speaking to another soul. 


As Oprah Winfrey loves to say “I see you” is a core feeling that we want to give to another person. Create quality interactions that give this feeling to another person and reduce the feeling of ‘loneliness’. Be intentional in who you want to connect with and genuine in your engagement. Each new client is like a new partner who will bring energy into your business for it to grow or decline. 

Online requires refinement of the subtle and unseen aspects of communication skills. There is a huge amount missing in communication online so we must refine our awareness of the subtle energies at work. 


Energy and its vibration in creation are vital at all levels.


Energy and its vibration in creation are vital at all levels. But if online actions come from anxiety, frustration, disbelief etc it is reflected back very clearly. When communicating the following is vital when speaking, writing, and videoing: Slow down. Keep things simple. Repeat keywords and phrases. The tone of voice. Mindful pacing. Smile. 

Online expands the opportunities of creativity where our imagination, perseverance and determination become our only blocks.  The online space provides a playground for co-creation across the globe in a far more interactive and engaging manner. We have an opportunity to evolve and problem-solve huge global issues through this platform. 


When technology is apparently blocking your path, take a step back and review where you stopped being curious and inquisitive in the process of what you are creating. There are times when perhaps you need to outsource this part of the work and stop doing it all yourself. Then you have more room to create freely. 

How can you step up?

Be an online presence with your gifts. However, whatever, whenever. People want to receive your wonderfulness. Divine Mother propels us to action and brings subtler powers to online commerce. We each have our own path and there is no fixed timing for when you are ready, but Universal energies are calling it forth now. 

Online is an opportunity to integrate the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine in our expression. It is both creative and logical in its expression. As I have embraced this dance more fully, I feel the lightness and delight in supporting others further. It is no different for me than you. 

Now is your time. Become the entrepreneur of the future. Share your innate talents online. Connect, play and grow into a fuller version of you - beyond your wildest ways!

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Nids Nidra acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respect to them and their cultures; and to Custodians past, present and emerging.


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