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The 10 Elements of Real Love: A Road Map to Peaceful Relationships

embody Oct 23, 2023

Relationships are often our largest source of both joy and suffering. It is through relationships that we can grow the most and open our hearts for greater understanding, acceptance and compassion. When there is a road map of how to use relationships to create greater peace and unity, despite diverse ways of viewing the world, we need to use it. The Elements of Real Love will give you that  road map.



In 2022, a serene client came to my Clarity Breathwork ceremony in Sydney. Afterward, he shared with me his healing journey and vision - to spread Real Love through 10 Elements, a map for healing relationships.


“All relationships give us the opportunity to heal old wounds through sustained nurturing. This is in fact the secret of a happy relationship. If you are not content in your relationships it may be because you have not nurtured yourself fully. Every relationship provides this mirror.”

~ Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose


Yoga's yamas reflect the world back at us, impacting our relationships. However, understanding and applying this concept can be complex. How can we make it accessible and actionable in our lives?


The Simple System

There are 10 Elements to Real Love. By focusing  on one at a time and taking actionable steps in your daily interactions and relationships, you make shifts towards Real Love. 


Through a fun quiz you can identify your Higher Element, which will yield the highest results right now. 

The process begins as you learn about the definition of this Element. With the support of examples, quotes and suggestions in a workbook you design your action plan. 


Through affirmations and engaging ideas that initiate your creative flow, you step into your current Higher Element. 


High Rewards

Because the Elements of Real Love are actions of love, they model and demonstrate greater love with another. This invites a loving response back from others in return. This is a gentle and powerfully transformative approach to greater love and the peace that arises from it. 


The process empowers you through action and embodied understanding, where you feel love through action and lived experience. Your heart can open without the mind generating fear. In turn, your self-esteem and confidence can improve. Greater intimacy can be enjoyed with those that you share time with, and you can feel more stable and secure in yourself.


What are the 10 Elements of Real Love? 

In English we use one word for love. There are said to be 96 words for love in Sanskrit and 8 in Greek. The Elements are 10 ways of love that in English we sometimes misunderstand. They appear to overlap but each means something very different. When I suggest to a client to connect to the ‘love’ of a colleague at work they may tell me ‘that is not appropriate’ but these Elements can help us to see another way of loving someone without the romance. 


Through the Accepting, Caring, Compassionate, Selfless Giving, Patient, Kind, Humble, Supportive, Considerate and Harmless Elements, you can choose to step into or embody a specific state or energy in any given situation. Each of these states opens the heart for clear communication and holistic care for all. 


Soul Aligned Business

This client is a Soul Aligned Business client of mine. I support his business through my consulting services and align his business choices to his soul’s energetics. If you wish to learn more about how I can support your business, please check out 


Discover more about the Elements

We have created a fun quiz for you to discover which is your Higher Element at this time. After the quiz you can download the free workbook to support your ideas and actions of this Element, and begin to transform your relationships. 

Learn More about Real Love here



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Nids Nidra acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respect to them and their cultures; and to Custodians past, present and emerging.


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